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Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis in Mumbai

We offer high level of expertise in pipe stress analysis of high temperature piping using CAESAR II (Metallic and FRP/ GRP lines)

Static Analysis

Static piping analysis studies constant environmental factors, including: pressure, weight, and thermal variables.

Different fluid types can impact these factors. Pi Engineering has specific expertise with: steam, glycol, oil, water, gas, chemicals, and other fluids.

Dynamic Analysis

Transient analysis deals with transient fluid properties, such as pressure pulsation, mechanical vibration, valve closure, pump start/stop, relief events, slugging, and water hammer.

These factors can be present in normal pipeline and facility piping.

Reciprocator compressor piping may resonate with mechanical vibration or pressure pulsation. Slugging in pipelines occurs in multiphase systems. The slug causes significant forces at changes in direction and can result in piping failures or damage to adjacent equipment and piping. Mechanical Vibration Analysis analyzes transient response of a system to excitation forces. This can be a simple natural frequency comparison with excitation frequencies, a force spectrum analysis, or a time history analysis.

Water Hammer Analysis addresses events which can cause pressure surges resulting in equipment failures in pumps, turbines, and valves. Diagnosing and removing potential causes of water hammer events minimizes failure risk. Water hammer can be caused by sudden valve closure or pump trip or start-up/shut- down of facilities and equipment. Start-up / shut-down transient analysis (pump trip) analyzes the forces exerted through a system start-up or shut-down. These events can cause unexpected and uneven fluid forces; equipment and systems must be designed with this in anticipation to prevent failure.

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